Monday, March 19, 2007

SGC 2007 March 21-25

I'm incredibly excited to visit my old stomping grounds (Kansas City) for the 2007 Southern Graphics Printmaking Council Conference. It's a big hoopla where printmakers from all over get together and network, have panel discussions, seminars, technique demos, gallery shows, print exchanges and a big product fair. I'm going to nerd it up with my good friend Kari, and hopefully we'll aquire the knowledge and motivation we need to really move forward with our studio idea (that's the idea anyway).

Everyone who is an SGC member gets to take part in a general print exchange where you make twelve prints and get ten prints in return at random. The other two are kept for the KCAI and SGC collections. This years theme is Cartography and I was way excited because instead of doing a regular print format, all the prints will be folded into pamphlets (part of the requirments for a true print exchange is that everyone participating must create prints in the same size and format). For my print I did a simple three color screen print using my old-timey bird portrait idea, only this time I made the birds into sailors with compass roses. I used this really sweet gold ink that I've never printed with before, because Darryl from MIAD is awesome.

I'll update when I get back next Monday with pics of all the fun!

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